Why Are Trophies And Plaques Important for Your Law Practice?

Almost every home in America has a showcase of the family’s accomplishments captured for posterity in trophies and medals. Some people even create altar-like tables and cabinets for those medals and trophies which they or a member of their family has won.

Recognition at the Office

Lawyers are people too and simple recognition awards can go a long way to keep your staff motivated.

Who is the top producer this month?

Who received the most positive client feedback?

Who has the highest AVVO rating?

Anniversary awards?

There are literally hundreds of different award styles to choose from. I like the Howard miller clocks on Corporate Award Source as an example of a high quality anniversary award or as a way to recognize members of your team that meet billable hour goals.

Plaques, star awards, eagle awards and crystal awards are all great ways to reward and recognize your partners and attorneys from the ABA for whatever behavior and culture you are trying to build.

Many award companies provide volume discounts for larger purchases and some will waive setup and customization fees. So, make sure you shop around. I’ve had good luck with http://corporateawardsource.com but a simple internet search will reveal other high quality suppliers you can use.